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How RoR is coming along, and how it will proceed in the coming months.

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Hello folks, ReynardFrost here with some news about my project Ruins of Rydos.

This originally started as a quick project for National Game Development Month that I anticipated being able to finish in 30 days. However, with the amount of art I needed as well as making sure it played solidly and was fun, the best I could do in that time frame was finish an Alpha demo (that was solid and fun, as I hoped.)

Instead of pushing back dates repeatedly, I'm removing the release date entirely until I have a solid idea of when this project will be finished. However, that doesn't mean I'm going to leave you wanting. In the next few weeks I'll have updated screenshots of the Beta Demo with some recolors and completed assets to give off a better impression of the finished game. Also, by the end of the month or mid-November, I will release a Beta Demo that will be an updated version of the Alpha Demo with improved graphics, improved gameplay, and additional gameplay features that will be in the final game.

I thank you sincerely for your patience and interest, and hope to continue to have your support and interest in this title as it progresses.

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