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Its been a slow few months, but things are starting to pick up again. Work has started on new hit effects and explosions...

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Sorry its been a long time since the last update. The team and I have been busy with real-life commitments lately, things are still progressing however. If you update you copies from the SVN you should see I've added a prototype hit effect for the pulse and beam weapons. The game really comes alive during battles now. Over the next few weeks/months I'll be adding new hit and explosions effects to the game which should bring it much closer to the look of the Babylon 5 CGI in the series. I don't intend to restrict myself to the shows effects however - if I can make it look better, I will. :)I'll post some screenshots and/or a video showing the new effects sometime in the next week (unless someone beats me too it).Finally, if there are any people out there who would like to create videos of the mod on youtube and here please do so! It always encourages the team when we can see that people are enjoying the work we are putting in.


Excellent to see more progress! I'll update from the SVN today :-)

Hope my *.BIG maker wants to cooperate and lets me encode a *.big file of the mod... It's tidier than putting the whole lot in there :-P

I would suggest getting the rest of the models done ASAP, it looks funny having little triangles zipping around ^_^

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