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Since the release of Darkness: The Portal Demo's last update, the Darkness project has been silent, not anymore!

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Back on July 21'st we updated Darkness: The Portal Demo to fix some bugs we figured out how to fix while working on the game. Well since about August, the project as a whole hasn't been worked on. Not to mention we lost some people who were helping with the mod, they left the dev discord server without letting anyone know, and they helped out a lot with getting models into the game. We don't have those models now because of them, so the game just went silent. However during the time between then and now, I have gotten more experienced with Hammer and mod making as a whole. So after rounding up some new people to help with things, the project is being worked on again. And boy, what a huge improvement it's been since the earliest versions. As we dive deeper into the rabbit hole that will be Darkness, and finding more and more issues with Portal's version of Source, we will eventually emerge with a finished mod. This project is long overdue, but at least we can all relax knowing it's being worked on still!

Hopefully soon we will have enough game to put up the ModDB page for it! Keep an eye out!

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