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Hi Everyone! The release of “The Book of Renatus” is getting closer and closer as huge amount of work is being done, and we want to give you an update on our current progress.

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We’ve done a great deal of work with the levels and mobs:
- All the 17 levels are now working: the chunks assemble seamlessly and the levels adjust their lengths to match the length of any track (this flexible system allows you to upload virtually any track and not end up in the middle of nowhere because you ran out level);
- All the particle systems are also working: waterfalls, rain, snow, fire, and many more are all working for your enjoyment;
- Each of the 45 mobs is now drawn and animated, we’re putting them in order and making sure they all work just fine;
- We have fixed most of the glitches from the last version in the mob spawn system, their speeds and physics are being adjusted.
- Renatus has died many times on our hands already since we had made it possible. But it happens smoother than before because some fixing has been done in that department too.

Right now we’re concentrated mostly on the menu. A lot of work still has to be done but we already have a little something to share with you guys. Some of you might not know that “The Book of Renatus” is set in a fictional time and place that resembles Renaissance and the storyline is based on a mysterious diary Renatus has kept during his final days. In the menu we tried to convey the feeling of actually holding the diary in your hands and turning its old pages. Here is how we materialized the idea.

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