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Just a brief little explanation for the lack of updates and overall progress of the mod, and on the possibility of doing Portal 2: GTE.

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UPDATE 2: Portal GTE has officially been released!

Portal: GTE V1.0

Hey all! I figured I would give you all a brief little overview of the current state of Portal: Google Translate Edition. In short, much progress has been made, but for various reasons, the development has come to a temporary halt.

All spoken dialogue, including developer commentary, has been completely mistranslated. A large percentage of voice lines have been recorded. Just about all of the game text has been completed. No work has been done on the textures, yet. Overall, as stated before, tons of work has been done, and the most strenuous parts of the project are over. That being said...

During the month of March, I got barraged with a bunch of large college assignments, and my spouse and I started the process of moving. With that, preparing for my summer internship, and a bunch of other personal things happening all at once, life is a bit chaotic for me at the moment, and I somewhat became burned out on working on this project. Never fear, however! I have no intention of leaving Portal: GTE unfinished. In fact, I hope to have Portal: GTE finished and released by the end of the summer - no promises, of course.

Something else you may or may not be wondering is whether or not I'll ever do Portal 2: GTE. The answer is most likely not, since that would be a massive undertaking that I have neither the energy or interest in doing. I would love to be a voice actor/advisor for someone if they want to do the project themselves, though!

Anyways, that's all I've got for the moment. Thank you so much for your patience, I hope you're all having a great year!




I would LOVE to make a team to make Portal 2 GTE!! Please contact me on discord (at)Lua Sucks#7243!!! (I haven't made a mod for Portal 2 but I really want to because I love the game and would like to learn more about it. Also since Portal GTE was so awesome, I really want to bring translate to portal 2!!)

(at)Lua Sucks#7243 and let me know you want to do portal 2 GTE

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