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A short update on our progress since the initial Moddb announcement.

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Hi all,

Since we've been silent for about a month now, we decided to give you a quick update on progress.

First of all, 0.5 is well on track, and has been making steady progress for the past few weeks. However, as we near release, forgotten matters come up and new ones appear, minor issues need to be settled and thorough testing undertaken - this is true, of course, for all mods. We're currently tackling those remaining issues and holes, but rest assured the mod is fully functional. Admiral van Tromp and I have even had the pleasure of multiplayer, which despite twice being cut short by time constraints was a very enjoyable experience. I suggest it to anyone who may play in the future - the game and especially this mod gains a lot when you face a human opponent.

Now, I personally abhor release dates, so one won't be provided until we are almost certain.
However, I will say we are near completion, and should be able to make a public release in a relatively short amount of time.

Secondly, we've updated our change log. Thanks to some timely work by General Brewster, we'll include updated naval battles in 0.5 - a change that was previously planned for 0.6 or later. We're relatively limited by the game with what we can do in this area, but they'll include some changed ship classes as well as a general stat overhaul, as deemed appropriate. Expect even faster battles!

Lastly, what would an update be without a visual? Our new artillery unit cards, created by Admiral Van Tromp:

User Posted ImageUser Posted ImageUser Posted ImageUser Posted ImageUser Posted ImageUser Posted ImageUser Posted ImageUser Posted ImageUser Posted Image

Until next time,

King Sama and the WW2 Dev Team

P.S. We will soon be posting our completed faction previews as features here. For these two, much of the content has already been posted in the image section, but we'll be sure to post future previews on moddb as they are created (the current ones came before our arrival).

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