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ok I am doing a update every time we make a good portion of progress. Anyways I have further plans for the mod that shall be posted

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Ok we don't have so to say a whole lot of progress but what we have is good for a just started mod. So far we have I think many skirmish maps and 2 GC maps. I am also in the process of coding the original game files to reduce prices and to add other units. Anyways we still need a lot of help for this big mod so PM me if you are interested. Anyways I would also like to explain the purpose of this mod to everyone reading this.

Weirdness mod aims to add new units, more gameplay experience, and something to enjoy after a long day. This mod is hopefully going to cover 3 eras, maybe even 4 if things go well but that would be on a 1.1 or 1.2 release. Also some of the content, mainly ships and planets and heroes, are made up by me after spending hours sitting at a marker board drawing things up. Also to let those guys out there, I am probably the youngest modder who is active (PM me for details).

-Jonathan Weirdness mod Mapper, Coder, Leader, and idea guy

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