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The progress of ZTS is a steady pace, not slow nor fast.

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The aim of ZTS is to give the players a more realistic experience.

Unlike other mods, I won't just make the difficulty drastically and ridiculously high.

Instead, I want to make the weapons as true to life as possible. Textures for them have been matched accordingly to their counterpart, but are always being tweaked for that perfect look.

Weapon files (wpn-[weaponName].ltx) are also going to be tweaked. Everything, meaning damage, accuracy, etc., will be modified/tweaked to real life. There may even be a weapon that was crap before, but works decently now!

Other things I would like to update:

The HUD. I am new to modding, but I know how to modify weapons' settings and textures, but I am still new in some areas.

But that won't stop me :) I'll try and try, until it works, or someone tells why it isn't, and I fix it.

The mod is coming along smoothly. Yesterday, it crashed; it claimed I broke a DLL.

So, I reinstall, to now avail. I soon find out it was the sound files.

And I remove them, and it works.

My current goal:

Change the dialog. I have already changed most in one area, won't reveal it yet, but I am making progress.

Hopefully, you all will enjoy it when it comes out.

No new stories, but it changes a lot :)
-David (aka deeb97 and/or David_97 [along with David The Novice]

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