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Expanding resources, introducing high skilled labour and some general bling.

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This week I've mostly worked on expanding the resource trees.

There's now an additional food type - funghi. Like cereal, legume and fruit, it will be an input of the processed food building. But funghi will also be used to produce medicines in the medicine plant (to the left):


Another resource that has been added is diamonds. These are produced in the carbon pressurizer. Diamonds can then be used as an input to make jewelry (in the middle building):


Diamonds will also be used for the advanced circuitry resource, which will be required for high tech industry and the laboratory.

The electronics plant (seen to the left in the previous image), jeweler and medicine plant are all high tech production facilities which means they pollute much less, or not at all, and require highly educated labour to produce at maximum efficiency.

They also have a much cleaner look, as seen here:


Since there are now quite a few buildings that require highly educated labour, I've started working on the upper middle class residential buildings. Like lower middle class that houses both low skilled labout and mid skilled, the upper middle class tier houses mid skilled and highly skilled Labour. The first density is more or less done:


Overall, it's been a productive week. Next weekend the game will be getting another update going out to testers. What I'm hoping to have implemented by then is the options menu, some more sounds, the full upper middle class tier and an early iteration of traffic (visually only).



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