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It's been some time since the previous news update and so far, everything is going as planned to a certain extend.

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The mod's progress is going quite well at the moment. I've recently acquired the required software to add custom icons to the game which I am doing now. For the icons I will be taking screenshots of the actual units ingame and converting those to icons to give the player an accurate depiction of what they are building. I am also catching up with the text entries and recording some testing footage to take the audience deeper into the actual mod while also finishing up the Tyranny in terms of space units.

Unfortunately, this update is not 100% positive (Hence the comment 'to a certain extend' in the summary): My laptop is obviously at its last breath so I will also be making a back up of this mod on USB and I'm getting a new laptop in a couple of weeks. When that time comes it is likely that I won't be able to update the moddb page for a short time. I also installed the OBS Screen recorder but my laptop just can't handle it and it freezes the recording when I watch it. I tried getting a solution at the forums of the program and I quote the response I got: "Your cpu is quite bad, i'd recommend getting a better system." So for the time being you'll have to endure Fraps. My apologies for the inconvenience.

Last but not least, our Forums are online and I invite you all to liven the place up a bit :) The forum's primary function will be a way for me to communicate with you guys so you can give feedback, maybe advice on things that could've been done better, or just some general talk.

Anyways, that'll be all for this update. Hope y'all have a great day :)


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