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A lot of work was done. Links will be included to the dev plan, background story, and change log.

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Hello everyone, we have quite a bit of progress to discuss for this update. The recode is going pretty smoothly, there were a few rough patches here and there this month but that will be more detailed in the change log, links will be at the end of the update.

So I managed to get work done in multiple areas including the Player code, ItemSystem, and setting up the structs for weapons and ships. The ship Database matrix is completely written as of this time, we have 43 ships total in the game at the moment, but that will change as we get closer to finishing the recode. I also have begun rewriting much of the Player code where give a player a ship is concerned.

In the other version the player was given a piece of crap starter frigate ship which could be easily destroyed under the right conditions. Well no more! Now the player can choose their ship and weaponry for that ship at the beginning of the game. I will make the first five of each item type available for choosing, so first five ships, weapon types (first five missiles, lasers, and bombs, railguns or heavy weapons will only be available if one of those five starter ships can support them [which they cannot]).

I have modified quite a few of the ships for either clearer descriptions or to add in the two new weapon types, railguns and heavy weapons. Almost every ship has had something change. All new weapon types will be fitted on to an existing hardpoint type, for example a Virus weapon might use either a heavy weapons bay or missile turret. Later on in development I will open the ships up further for greater modification, such as the ability to equip your own energy systems, engines, or computer matrices.

Right now the game is not functional, I have only gotten work done on the mentioned areas, nothing else has even been touched yet. I have managed to already shave off quite a bit of excess code, somewhere around 400 to 600 excess lines of code.

External Links:
Space Crusade Development Plan
Back Story
Change Log

This link goes to the Wiki Category for Space Crusade, you can find any and all information about the game here: Space Crusade Wiki

That is all for this progress update. We are currently co-developing Combine Insurrection at the same time as SC so we are on the same two month update schedule. Expect to hear again from us at the end of July.

Thanks for following!

SC Dev Team

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