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Hey everyone. It has been 3 months since our last progress update and we’ve thought we should give a bit of an update on what has been going on and to show were still alive. We originally planned on releasing a progress update every week, but obviously that was not the case. After the last progress update we started working on multiple larger features on the game that we wanted to finish before releasing our next progress update, however they took a lot longer than expected.

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One of our biggest improvements to the game over the last few months have been the graphics and performance. The graphics for the game have been completely redone as we transitioned from Unity 4 to Unity 5, and the plan was to finally unravel them this weekend along with the many other features we created. However, upon combining builds and reviewing our progress we ended up coming to two conclusions. The first, is that the graphics still don’t have the right apocalyptic feel we wanted to achieve yet, even after redoing it completely.

Secondly, over the last few months, we have been relying on a first person system called “UFPS”. This allowed us to focus right away on the many features of the game, by giving us basic first person features to use. Although this has allowed to progress much faster initially, we concluded that continued use of this system will end up limiting us in the long term. So we have decided to completely scrap this system, and develop our own from scratch.

Because of these two things, our original plan of showcasing many features this weekend can no longer occur, as we would rather wait to finalize our new graphics then show the current subpar graphics and as well almost all features we have developed have been in one way or another, dependant on some part of the fps system we had, meaning that in till we finish our new system, none of these features can be showcased yet. On the bright side though, we have introduced a new member to our team in the last few weeks, who has managed to develop an algorithm to randomly generate houses.

Below are a few images showing early house generations of this system:

We hope that introducing a system like this, will allow us to have a huge array of house designs in the game, which will allow a constantly fresh experience when it comes to exploring and looting. This is all that we will be able to show off this week, however, we will start to release updates on a weekly basis now, as we start to actually show the features we developed slowly over the next couple of weeks.

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