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Hello again, it's been yet another busy week and a half for us over here, but we finally managed to squeeze in another short progress update. We are trying really hard to post some sort of update weekly about the game, and I feel like we are slowly improving towards that, it just seems like every time we want to post, another issue comes up that always delays us back. Also, as promised last progress update, this will be more than just text in this update, so lets get to it:

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AI (Thomas)

In the last week and a half I've been making great improvements on survivor AI. Firstly, I've gotten shooting mechanics for AI up and running, which I'm fairly happy with the results of. A lot of details have also been put in place for this including muzzle flash, bullet case droppings, etc.. I also created the framework for NPC interaction with the world, and implement this system already with a wood cutting system. NPC’s can now Cut wood, and add it to their inventory and make decisions for themselves as for what type of resources they need, or what tasks they currently need to accomplish. Last week I also forgot to mention anything about the pet system we have had created already. Currently, players can befriend a dog in the game and have it follow then, protect them and listen to their commands. This feature will also be further enhanced soon to allow pets to detect threats or find loot. In the next few weeks I will be working on creating a city building algorithm for NPC’s, to allow them to build random, yet organized dynamic, cities throughout the landscape


NPC Chopping trees:

NPC Shooting:

NPC Shooting:

Weapon: Spear (Matthew)

Over the last week I’ve been adding a spear to the game. There’s a lot to the spear, and it’s not just as basic as just swinging it to attack someone. You can throw the spear at enemies, or whatever you please. If you throw it at a certain force or greater, the spear will stick into objects, or it won’t if you don’t throw it hard enough. It’s really quite a fun weapon to have in the game, and I think you guys will enjoy it. Here are two spear gifs to show you guys what it looks like.

Inventory (Siavash)

I have learned a lot over my mistakes and have built upon my skills as a programmer. Two months ago, an inventory system was created. It wasn’t programmed efficiently. It had a rough UI (mind-you, I’m a terrible UI designer). Over the course of 1 month, I took it upon myself to learn some photoshop to design a UI. After doing so, I transferred it to the Unity engine and converted it to an interactable interface. Also, don’t worry about the headless player model, it’s just a placeholder.



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