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We discuss current progress on chapter 3 and 5, why we aren't working on chapters 1 and 4 yet, and our hopes for a potential time of release.

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As we stated in our last news post, we were expecting the start of the school year to slow down the rate of development on Alone (and indeed, it has). However, we are still making decent progress. Chapter 3 has been finished (except for cutscenes, which we will work on later), and we have begun work on the final chapter, Chapter 5. The reason that we skipped Chapter 4 is because it is almost entirely composed of complex cutscenes, and 1 boss fight. Since we're still learning how to do basic cutscenes, we decided to hold off on Chapter 4 until we are able to take the time to study (in depth) cutscenes from Cry of Fear SDK, and learn how they work. The same applies to chapter 1, which is also almost entirely composed of cutscenes. However, we did borrow the tentacle monster thing from the Cry of Fear SDK singleplayer RMF files (speciically, in the map "city1"). We made (or rather, copied, pasted, and tweaked) the cutscene in which the tentacle monster thing (wow, we have GOT to find a better name for it) kills Simon if you get too close to it. We'll probably study this a little more closely later, and then use the knowledge we gain to create a somewhat similarly made scene as practice. In other news, we are beginning to get a general idea of when Alone will be released. Specifically, we are hoping to release it sometime around the end of the school year (or maybe just a tad bit earlier). HOWEVER, that is NOT a promise, nor an official release date. That is just what we are hoping/expecting, based on if we keep a constant rate of progression, and if the creation of the cutscenes go as planned. One last thing. As of now, we have reached over 1,000 visits on modDB, and this mod page is rising through the ranks of popularity. Thank you all so much for your support. It truly means a lot to us.

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