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Chambers 05 and 06 are finished, and you can join the Portal: Black Forest Edition Discord for more frequent updates and a chance to have some input.

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Portal: Black Forest Edition Progress Update #1

Completed Chambers: 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09 (6/20)

Hey all! Development on Portal: Black Forest Edition has been (and probably will be, until about May 10th) pretty slow, but I do have some progress to share, and some news.

20210411210407 1

Portal: Black Forest Edition Official Discord Server

If you're interested in getting updates on this mod more often, and having the opportunity to playtest or give me advice, then join the Portal: Black Forest Edition Discord server! I plan to be a lot more active there than I am here, so if you're interested in this mod or its development, feel free to hop on the server.

Chambers 05 and 06

Chambers 05 and 06 of the mod are completed! Chamber 05 in particular took me quite a long time to finish, but hopefully the whole first half of the mod should be done soon.

Here are some screenshots:

20210411210230 1

20210411210322 1

20210416174252 1

20210416174416 1

That's it for now! Remember to join the Discord server for more frequent information and updates:

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