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Slow and steady before the heat death of the universe.

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Hello all to a rather delayed update.

A lot has changed since last year but I'm still committed to releasing this game. Here are the patch notes for the latest release in case you missed them on the download page:

- Enhanced scoreboard functionality
- Main Menu optimisations and changes to keep a uniform look
- High Score can now be reset if needed under Options
- Artwork overhaul in progress
- Credits added
- Spawning changed slightly
- Launcher icon (placeholder)

What's next?

The next update for the game art wise is going to depend on what comes from my artist friend who is redoing the objects in the game at the moment, so for instance the player ship, aliens and background. After these are done we will be hopefully moving on to new mechanics for the game play.

The game play at the moment has not been fleshed out fully yet, but I'm hoping to add a lot more. Plans at the moment include asteroids which can kill the player instantly, new enemy types to challenge the player, more complex spawning procedures to increase variety and a way for players to customise their ship.

Outside of game play and art, the next update will delve into player scoring and stat tracking; as I write this I am testing a way to save total kills and deaths of the player to see how well they do. All of this can be reset like high scores. The bigger picture for this system is to provide achievements/customisation.
I've been an Xbox owner for years and I've always liked how achievements have worked. For this game, I'll be tying achievements to player ship skins as a reward for doing well. To give an example of this, for 100 aliens killed, the player will be rewarded with a different ship skin.

Like always, any and all feedback is appreciated.

Thanks for reading,

Hallinskioi aka Dan

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