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Weekly (ish?) progress update for Gunbox, this week includes: game info, videos of multiplayer, an explanation on where the game is headed, and more!

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Since there isn't a mass following for my game I'll start by telling you a bit about it. Gunbox is a (game needing to be renamed) online multiplayer arena coop platformer shooter. Your goal is to survive a mass onslaught of enemies in a place called The Outland. The Outland really has nothing going for it except for Gunbox which is a television show broadcasted to everyone in the world (or universe or something).

The contestants goal is to collect money from their fallen foes to use to upgrade themselves as much as possible so they can survive longer. They can grab weapons at the wonderful gun box.

The core of the game is already totally working, you can play with friends and survive, there's quite a few guns, and two enemies for you to play with as well. Here's a video of what multiplayer is like:

The current course of action includes adding content and finalizing graphics. Once I feel the game is ready enough, I'll purchase a server so it can be played 24/7 without having to host yourself. If you're curious how the game is right now, head on over to and browse to the Gunbox forum. Do keep in mind that the game is a bit outdated, and with every patch the game improves.

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