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A list of progress up until joining Moddb

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Here is a list of my progress up until when I joined Moddb yesterday:

Infantry General:
-- Improved Assault Troop Crawler armor
-- Gave Fai the Super Tank Hunter
-- Gave Fai the Elite Sniper infantry
-- Reduced cost and build time of the Assault Troop Crawler
-- Increased speed of Attack Outpost
-- Mini Gunners trained two at a time
-- Fai's buildings spawn Mini Gunners when destroyed, like the USA with its Rangers
-- Decreased count of how many Mini Gunners come with the Assault Troop Crawler from 8 to 6
-- Fai's Infantry are as resistant to Anthrax and nuclear radiation as much as a Chemsuited USA infantryman

Tank General:
-- Decreased cost and build time of Battlemaster just a little (down to $600 from $700 and 10 seconds from 12)
-- Gave all vehicles Pilots (where it would make sense) along with his aircraft
-- Gave every tank the Horde Bonus, though having trouble getting it work right...
-- All vehicles can garrison his Bunkers and fire out of them, although the Dragon Tank, Troop Crawler, and Listening Outpost do not work inside it. Yes, you can have five Emperors at once in a single Bunker if you so desire
-- Gave Kwai Composet Armor
-- Gave most of his vehicles USA-style Drones
-- Emperors can crush Overlords, but not other Emperors.

Secret Faction:
-- Created its Hero infantryman. :P

General/not tied to a specific faction:
-- Coded Colonel Burton's Humvee and Jarmen Kell's Technical, haven't gotten to work on Black Lotus' Listening Outpost yet.
-- All infantry splirt out blood when hit. NOT done by me, used an existing Blood Mod as a base! The mod was by CBD-Ikariya, find it here:

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