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Eleandor is back, as is the development speed overall. Terrain, coding, and models, textures, and interface images are back to being hard at work with being created and implemented into Wc3:WoW.

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As promised, Eleandor is back from his vacation from Wc3:WoW due to exams and overall just a tough couple of weeks of stress, I can imagine. But the point is that he's back now and we can all look forward to more and more good news. For example, the continuing of coding the all-new custom interface features such as the inventory system.

Eleandor isn't the only one who's making progress. Our modelers and texture artists are also hard at work for creating models for Orgrimmar so I can finally complete the terrain. Eleandor has started messing around with some Wc3:WoW tiles in Photoshop and managed to improve them greatly, as far as tile-blending goes. Hawkwing is still working on getting all of the interface images edited properly so Eleandor can use them in Wc3:WoW.

Not much terrain work can be done since I am missing a lot of essential assets to place around the landscape/cityscape of World of Warcraft. However I have done some minor edits with Orgrimmar to help better prepare it for further actual accurate terraining. I replaced the crappy old firepits with Shamanyouranus' bonfire models and will soon be replacing a couple other things as soon as the artists of the team complete the required assets for me to continue and get the job done correctly.

Yet another usual news post I'm sure, but we'll definitely have something good to brag about within a week or two.

Stay tuned!

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