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This is just a little update to get people to know whats going on with what and when releases are most likely going to happen, all fun for me :D well sometimes it is

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Currently I have the maps, Infinity, icefields and danger canyon ready (as all mods there is 1 weapon that is waaaaay to powerful that will be sorted in the next version of the maps) and i have started progress on Death island and sidewinder V2, The problem with death island is it was the first map i played about with, so I am having a little difficulty getting the worthogs to work properly, but ill get there in the end. For Sidewinder the banshee flys like the warthogs would if i had that mod, That is due to me plittering about with its physics, but i'll fix it, Also i have completely screwed blood gulch as it wont work for me, I had AI but then the map wouldnt work, then i reinstalled halo and still, nothing :'(

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