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Progress of the mod so far and the new models i'm releasing.

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The mod is progressing great for an early beta release. the date on top of this page was my first estimate for a beta but i'm working faster then i thought i would.

Coding is mostly done and it's pretty balanced.

Removed all Ion Cannons to make lowering shields harder plus i never see them in the series.

Removes all EAWFOC units from Skirmish and the AI works well.

New upgrades to purchase.

The progress will continue and i will not stop this mod until it's complete.

I've posted my models for others to use and edit as they see fit. they lack fine detail but i feel others should be allowed to use them for their mods. Please give credit and inform me of editing. i'd like to see my babies grow into better models!

I also have a request. What criminal factions were active during the Clone Wars? I know the Hutts and the Black Sun but i cant find others to bolster the ranks of the Black Alliance. Tyber Zann would only be in his late teens during the era so i cant use him. Please help me.

Thanks you.


for additional criminal factions try reading these and as well as
hope everything goes well for you and your mod, I am watching :)

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