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I wanted to make an article to cover or go over everything that's been changed and added.

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Hello, Everyone let me start by saying over the past week I have been very busy working on SCP 2D, I wanted to go over all the new editions and things added firstly since my last announcement a week ago the following SCP's have been added SCP-049,SCP-106,SCP-1499,SCP-860,SCP-096-SCP-079

I'm quite happy with the progress made so far I've also coded in the MTF, with the ability for them to contain SCP's blinking is more functional now then before every roughly 10 seconds you blink allowing SCP 173 to move I've also granted 173 the ability to teleport into the room the player is in without instantly killing you of course in the games current state one ending has been added and is able to be finished currently only (gate B ending) is in the game I have plans for the others in the future as well as even more then vanilla containment breach, I've taken the liberty of adding two cutscenes that play when the game starts up its random which one you get but both are a cutscene, I've currently got an artist redoing 173's sprite so it should look even better soon which I am quite excited for a playable release is planned in the very near future so keep an eye out, compared to past builds of the game this one is very different, and much more intense and scary then the original, I look forward to hearing back from the community and thanks for all the support

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