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Here is a report concerning the recent progress after no news have been posted for a while.

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As our Developers Diary had been quite for a while I want to give you an update about the pogress that have been made and that have not been posted here.
At first: I havn't new unit for you are any other picture.

Now the things that will be new in the next version for RotR:
My Hannover submod will be inclueded in the next version with all previews I posted in the thread of my good old submod. This won't be the only German state Saxony and Prussia will obviously be reworked too. Furthermore the USA (there is already a preview in the world) will be new in the next release. And of course we will improve Great Britain and France!

With reworking or adding I don't mean that only new units will be added, we will do much more for those 6 states. Every state will get it's own techtrees. If you take a look at the USA preview (or my submod) you will see that each fraction will get individual techs but also some fractions will share som techs as they represent a common pogress (at least in Europe), an example is the Scientific Method, Classical Economy or Natural History.

But that's not all. Each of the six fractions will get a historical government (obviously the own which were 1783 in place) with historical portraits if they are available (for some persons we couldn't find a portrait). Furthermore there will be more historical persons, generals, gentleman, diplomats, admirals either available at the start or recruitable. Sadly, due limits of the game engine we can not offer you to play with Napoleon or Wellington. But you will have the opportunity to play with Nelson, Blücher, Scharnhorst (as a Hanoverian general, he joint the Prussian army only in 1801), the Duke of York, Anthony Wayne Dumouriez, the Marquies de la Fayette, Adam Smith, Joseph Banks, Georg Lichtenberg, Immanuel Kant, Benjamin Franklin and many more.
Also the European kings and queens will get historical portraits.

I hope I could satisfy your curiosity.

If you have any further suggestions, ideas for techs or the feeling that a historical person must be inclueded, just post them here or in the TWC:


Hi, what's the last status guys, i really want this MOD for USA but i wonder if it'd be come out anytime?

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