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Here is a Brief Update of what is happening in the mods development. for you 127 loyal followers out there!

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Hello and welcome to this update of FTTW progress!

For the last 3 months progress was glacially slow, plagued by headaches and technical problems.

A lot of my effort was going in, and very little progress was coming out!

All that seems to be changing this week though!

2 major developments occured since the weekend:

1. Story Events:
I have now managed to code a template for our brand new Wasteland Story Events.
(I hope, I still have to fully test it to make sure I did not screw it up somewhere!)

"What is a Wasteland Story Event?"
I hear you cry!
Well let me tell you!
It is our brilliant, innovative and unique
(at least I don't think I have seen it in any other Civ mod)
Event System!

One thing that Fallout and it's successors (and predecessors) have always been known for is:
Choices and Consequences.

Now very soon FTTW will (hopefully) be known for this too!

We will have oodles (currently almost 1!) of curious/bizarre/moral/ideological occurences and choices for you to make.

Something will happen in the lives of your little citizens, and they shall call upon you to decide what to do about it.

You will be presented with 3 choices, but you won't know the consequence of your choice until after you decide!

Not only that, but these seemingly inconsequential events will have unforeseen effects down the road, leading you down one of a number of unique storylines.

Each Story will consist of 3 parts
(we hope to make longer ones in the future but it is really hard!)
With almost 40 (39 + the starting event) unique choices/consequences in each!

However you will only get to see a handful of these each time you wander down the ever branching paths of fate and destiny!

So prepare to experience the grit and toil of the wasteland like never before with the



and if that wasn't enough to get you all worked up!

2. The Fallout GUI Mk2!

After about a year of toiling in fruitless purgatory some of my team have finally cracked a bizarre and confusing crashing issue with the new UI we wanted to adopt for the mod, so we can finally begin on developing the UI to be even better than ever!

We will hopefully have screen shots in the future when we move from the code to the cosmetics of it, but I for one am very excited about the possibilities!

But wait there's More!!

In amongst the fruitless toiling we were able to add in a few more additions that will continue the march toward awesomeness!

New units:
We have added some new units after feedback, that will allow you to create simple fighting units without the need for rare resources, that will be able to conquer cities just like their well armed cousins!

New Buildings:
We have added a few new buildings that will allow you to gather in those much needed and rare bonus resources in the mid to late game, so everyone will be able to engage in the minigun wielding power armoured carnage that we all know and love!

Civic Prereq System Expansion:
This used to only be active for Slaver related units and buildings, but we are expanding it to include more of the civics and more units and buildings.
(Currently fairly early and unbalanced across the civics, but every journey starts with a step!)
So now your civic choices will have even deeper and further reaching effects, you could in one ill planned move bring your entire military to a standstill or collapse your entire economic system!

New Art:
Clanky has been hard at work cranking (or maybe clanking) out this, that and the other, making new things and tidying up old things to look even prettier!
So much in fact that I can't even remember them all!
Highlights Include:
Swanky New Vault Dweller Jump Suits!
A Brand New Vault model with a BIG DOOR!

I'll even think about posting up some images in the image section when I can be bothered!

That is about all I have to tell you right now, so stay tuned for more yummy wasteland goodness in the near future!


All of that sounds good!

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Yup. Everything sounds awesome (: Can't wait to test this out.

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FamousSpear Author

I am glad you guys are excited, I am too, it took forever to figure out what was going wrong with the new UI code!

There is still lots to do, there are still some glitches in the ui code that we need to figure out and fix, certain buttons not doing what they are supposed to etc, but it is a huge leap forward.

I have almost finished writing the first Story Event, and I really like it. Soon I will try coding it in and see if I get it right!

Lots of work to do before it will be releasable, but it is very exciting!

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Awesome mod, really...

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FamousSpear Author


Fingers crossed it won't be long for Alpha5, still having some problems with the New UI, a few days ago I discovered that the diplomacy screen is broken, so need to figure out how to fix that!

We have even more new content now. I am still chipping away at the prototype story event, and I have to fiddle with the GUI to get it looking nice, but progress continues!

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