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Progress Report contains: full list of play-able ships, images (:D), bonuses info and much, much mo-- sorry that's all.

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Progress Report no. 1

Ok, here we go! I accomplished 45-50% of game and right now I don't think about releasing alpha version. Why? Because there's no alpha version. I still need a lot of sounds and hours minutes of music. Right now there's only one type of enemy: Kamikaze; three bonuses: beam, speed up and force shield.
Battleship Invaders needs dynamic in gameplay so I need to work with cameras.Background is simple (stars) but I want add nebula in future.
Now there's one playable ship - cruiser, but I already have got graphics of three next ships: battlecrusier, battleship and dreadnought.
Currently I'm working with GUI.
Hmmm... (as Lulu said: ppl mostly write "hmmm" with three "m") That's all.

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