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As you've noticed, this mod has gone on a new breath of life in the past few weeks! It's because I've had more time to do these things again! Wohoo! Let's get into the meat of the progress, shall we?

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First off I wanna put out that I've re-done the Generals roster since long ago. So here's the new bits, let's start with the USA Generals:

Armor General -- replaces Vanilla USA
This general uses heavy armor compositions to crush the opposition.


Above are Advanced Crusaders and, a Mammoth Tank.

This general is packaged with:
-Crusader APC, Crusader Anti-Air, Advanced Tomahawk Launcher

Drone General -- replaces AirForce
This general uses a swarm of automatons to rip the enemy apart.


Above are Hawkeye Anti-Armor Sniper, Phoenix Microwave Drone, Queen Ground Support Drone, Advanced Sentry Drone.

This general is packaged with:
-Guardian Drone(anti-armor), Predator Drone(artillery), King Heavy Drone(heavy tank)

Humvee General -- replaces Superweapons
This general uses rapid assault vehicles for rushdown their opponent.


Above are Humvee Howitzer and, Humvee Thunderbolt.

This general is packaged with:
-Grenadier Humvee(anti-armor), Advanced Humvee, Aegis Humvee(anti-air), Battlefortress

Laser General
This general uses exotic laser and plasma weaponry to zap all the pesky enemies.


Above are Advanced Laser Crusader and, Laser Mammoth.

This general is packaged with:
-Laser Humvee(with plasma cannon), Particle Beam Avenger, Plasma Artillery

This concludes the updates for USA-side Ground Units!

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