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An overall status of the mod during the month of September 2021.

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This past month saw to the loss of my computer. While I have purchased a new machine,I have lost all progress on Deathstar Rescue. Fortunately, prior to taking my computer in for repairs, I did not progress past the first Deathstar Rescue cutscene and have since completely rebuilt it. Additionally, our mapper, Wettergren, has returned to us and provided a number of great updates to the map, including a better Deathstar for the beginning cutscene. Please enjoy the reconstructed cutscene:


As of the last update from Darth Voiid, Anakin's POV for Operation: Knightfall is approximately 85% complete and should be available for the next update, with Clone Trooper and Cin Drallig remasters coming later on.

In order to avoid spoilers, we cannot provide any screenshots or videos of the new content which was worked on this month.


With the return of my computer, a thorough investigation was conducted in order to figure out the issue with save games crashing to desktop during missions. After some careful debugging, we were able to figure out the cause and fixes are slowly but surely being implemented. Additionally, we are currently looking into another issue with missions where your alignment may reset or your appearance may change after starting a mission. We'll keep you posted and should have this fix implemented in the next update.


Coming in the next update will be a slew of brand new characters! The following is a list of some (but not all) characters coming to the mod next update!

- Kuill
- Moff Gideon
- Dark Trooper
- Dread Master Bestia
- Beach Trooper (yes, THOSE beach troopers)
- And more!


We have a YouTube channel now! Please consider subscribing to us for development updates, developer commentaries, memes, and more! Please enjoy a developer commentary for the several bonus missions currently featured in the mod!


Galactic Legacy is an ambitious mod, but we are but a small team. Many areas of the mod are covered, but there are other areas where we need help! That's where YOU can come in!

We are currently hiring for the following roles:

Translator: Currently all of SWGL is written in English, we'd like to provide text in other languages! Please consider joining us if English is not your first language or you're fluent in another! We currently have translators for French, German, Turkish, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish (South American).

Mapper : We have one mapper, he is overworked. We need more!

Texture Artist: Whether creating promotional art or creating textures for models, we need your help!

If interested in helping us, please send us a message in our Discord server letting us know! Please keep in mind that we will be more than happy to hire for any other role such as modelling, skinning, mission design, and others!

Thank you for following the development of Star Wars: Galactic Legacy, and may the Force be with you.


New drinking game: take a shot for every apology regarding the Malachor duel.

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Linken233 Author

Good luck!

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good vidoe ples downolod botgf

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Linken233 Author


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Could you sync the lips? I want the synchronized lips, you know just the generic effect used in many spoken real-time dialogues or the Sith's. It's pretty easy, so they won't look like mannequins or catatonic freakish junkies in a like psychic trip on their own. Appreciated the effort to do a brand new 3D hyperspace tunnel(lol) with Serenity Engine.
Thank you

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Linken233 Author

The Han Solo model didn't have a rigged mouth. Sorry. Also the hyperspace effect was accomplished by our amazing mapper, had nothing to do with serenity jedi engine or openjk.

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