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Debriefing on V1, plans for V2, V3, and V4, and a couple of notes.

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Hi guys, decided to put together an update.

The mod so far;
The first three factions and most of their planned vehicles, aircraft, and buildings have been released. This release also has plenty of [known] bugs and balance issues. As of this report, some of the worst offenders have been apprehended and.. dealt with.

Future plans;
Adding damaged condition states
Removing unusable General's Powers
Removing unused models

Adding a unnamed faction, i wrote down it's initals “DA” and immidiatly forgot what they stood for.
Adding ships. Planning on turrets and possibly the engine being destroyable independent of the ship.

Adding upgrades and General's Powers.

This list is subject to change, its also not guaranteed that ill make it all the way to V4, as i don't know the future.

Other notes;
i wanted to ask one question;
The infantry are currently bought separately. Do you guys think it would be better to make them be bought a few at a time, like the vanilla Red Guard, or in squads Angry Mob style?
Please comment on this below.

In all releases i'll be fixing bugs. i might also start making patches, so everyone dosen't have to redownload stuff every time. This sorta depeneds on the installer i have, but it should work.

Also, can anyone guess this unit i'm planning?
it weighed 71,659 tonnes,
had a maximum of 21 inches of armor,
and i got all this from its Wikipedia page.
Any guesses?


I like the idea of them being bought as a squad.

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Rrtaya_Tsamsiyu Author

thanks for the vote

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