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A preview of the features that will be in the soon to be released TALON Mod 1.3.

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Here's an overview of some of the features of TALON Mod 1.3;

  • The game speed has been completely over-hauled. Harvesters gather slower, structures build significantly slower, units build slower.
  • Infantry, tier 1 units, and tier 2 units now have a bigger role in the game due to the new structure build times. No more skipping units just to rush to tier 3 units.
  • Structure build order is now much more of a dilemma due to build times. You can no longer have it all at the beginning! This promotes scenarios where players are specialized in some things but not all things, which makes the game more varied and unpredictable.
  • Special Powers now require researching.
  • Radar structures added to GDI and Nod. These structures bring up the mini-map and allow all factions to research the radar scan, orbital scan and stealth detection around the structure. Scrin's Mothership now acts as Scrin's radar structure.
  • Structures are even stronger now so you need to hit bases with a significant force if you want to demolish a base quickly.
  • The Command Post, Operations Center and Nerve Center are now setup as intelligence centers that focus on Radar Jamming and Counter Measures. These abilities are available to all factions, are researchable and are much more effective.
  • Faction changes;
    • Nod power is less demanding and Venoms now have Pulse Scan ability. More buildings have mine defenses. Prototype Anti-Matter Reactor now stealth-able.
    • Scrin's Ion storms now all detect stealth, ground units repair even quicker in Tiberium and Masterminds can mind control defenses. Terranexus removed, abilities moved to defense queue. Shields on air and ground units reload quicker. PAC drones reload quicker.
    • GDI Predators now have repair drone upgrades instead of railgun. The Shockwave Artillery is much more effective. Buildings have repair drone upgrade options. Rig no longer has stealth detection.
  • Mammoths, Avatars and Tripods are now much more powerful but are slower and harder to obtain / spam.
  • Harvesters are now much weaker, to promote harassment.
  • Many balance changes and adjustments to special powers and abilities that were overpowered in previous versions, such as the Decoy army reload time, PAC's Ion Storm reload time
  • Orca Strikes / Vapor Bombs etc. are now easier to counter with AA.
  • Large Explosion effects added to key structures
  • New maps, several of which are designed to allow better customization of the challenge provided by the AI
  • A new installer that will work with Steam and Origin versions of the game.

We are currently in a testing stage with all changes completed. We are aiming to release this version in about a week if testing goes well.

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