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This talks about the Recent Updates on the Mod. Not necessarily what I've done today. Anyway. This is just a rundown of things done and will be done.

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Black Text - Done and Functional
Grey Text - Conceptional or Coming Soon.

-Vanilla Factions-
~Nothing too special. Other than price and build time updates on some units.

-Jets General-
~King Raptor and Stealth Fighter now have twice the payload and standardized aircraft minigun.
~Aurora Bombers are now Fuel-Air Auroras.
~Hellstorm MiG, insta-firestorm MiGs.
~Jumpjets replace Comanches.
~Lockheed is a Command Center Bonus Aircraft on Undeploy Mode.
~Starfighters, plasma payload aircraft.
~Aerial Artillery B3-II now requires RANK 7(Ultimate Attack Coordinator).
~Lightseekers, Futuristic Fighter-Bomber. Requires RANK 5(High Attack Coordinator).
~Sky Transport replaces Chinooks.
Rank 1(Frontal Assault):
~Aircraft Training
Rank 3(Support Team):
~Unique Paradrop Troops, now drops he's own personalized men rather than Vanilla Troops.
~Cruise Missile Barrage
~Improved A10 Thunderbolt Strike
Rank 5(High Attack Coordinator):
~Hornet Storm
Rank 8(Supreme Commander):
~Shock 'n Awe, yes I'm remaking it.
--Other Things--
~M60 Ranger
~Adv Missile Defender, can relay enemy position to near by Missile Defenders, has Javelin Missiles as alternate attack.
~Bradley replaces Humvee
~Archer replaces Tomahawk

-Helicopter General-
~Berzerker Cobra, missiles, Missiles, MISSILES!
~Super Comanche, deals better damage, laser-point defense, regenerates.
~Black Shark Hokum, Napalm Missiles.
~Assault Helix replaces Humvee.
~Longbow Apache, Nuke Missiles.
~Overseer, MASSIVE ATTACK HELICOPTER: Light lasers, Matter-displacement Cannons, Fireports
~Valhalla Fighter, Lasers, Ion Cannon.
~Winters and Smithers, Ultimate Fighting Helicopter.

--Other things--
~Airfield is now only a Helipad.
~Flame Rangers
~FLASH Troopers
~MRLS replaces Tomahawk

-Hovercraft General-
~Nerfing ALL High-intensity(Particle Beam Damage) Weapons.

-Mech General-
~Baruka, Main Battle Mech. Tank-Grade Shotgun.
~Gatoka, Minigun Mech.
~Suika, Scouting Mech. Has Laser and Fists.
~Shogun, Advanced Battle Mech. Has Dual Mech-Grade Nuclear Pistols and Gunblades. Can use 'Motivation Blast' to repair Mechs and Frenzy all friendly units around it.
~Funshin, Pest Control Mech. Has Mech-Grade Flamethowers.
~Haru, Bazooka Mech. Has Hyper-Bazooka and Sword.
~Seizu, Sniper Mech. Has Rail Beam.
~Haku, Beam Mech. Has Advanced Lasers.
~Mirusan, Distortion Mech. ???
~Gareta, Main Aerial Battle Mech. Generic Lasers and Missiles.
~Zakaza, Heavy Aerial Battle Mech. Can convert into different modes; Transport Mode, Battleship Mode or Support Mode.
~Peizatsu, ???

I'm not sure if I want a FULL RESKIN of the structures.
Nor remodel of the structures.

Though it'd be nice that the Angel Wings structures would be WHITE AND SHINY with bits of glowing cyan around. The Red Skulls structures will still be Chinese, but bits of it have the Industrial Futuristic-look. And the Earth's Saviors have what the original USA concept buildings.

Oh well.


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