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Just an update on what I've been doing in the mod for the past few days.

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What's New? (8. May)
-Wasteland progress moved from 50% to 80%
-Added a new weapon using a semi-unused mesh from bethesda (the Mysterious stranger's gun, it's a custom model)
-Added 2 new modder's resource Winchester M1887 Shotgun meshes, I know I said I was done but they were only 500kb in total, and they fit in with the wasteland so perfectly :P
-Added a hidden creature somewhere in the wasteland based on an Icelandic legend. (Lagarfljotsormurinn, it's the Icelandic version of Loch Ness, hehe, I know, made up for tourism)
-Added a classic Fallout reference "The Cafe of Broken Dreams" in the Wasteland.
-Erm, loads of new food.
-*Oh, I was also Planning this:
(Optional)No GTS version:
Not 100% sure if this is possible while I'm so far in, but GTS does nearly nothing for the mod, just a 150MB download for those who don't have it

(Optional)Low Bandwidth Version
Basically what I do is I change the mod so you don't need to download all of the custom weapon meshes, example: I change the SVD's Dragunov mesh and sound to the vanilla sniper rifle mesh and sound, this is optional.

What's New? (7. May)
-Wiki up!

What's New? (3. May)-Prank Quest named, 100% complete
-Changed to .7zip saving 15 MB's off your download (85MB zipped) think I'll stop making custom meshes to save bandwidth now
-Renamed file to "work in progress" instead of "placeholder, placeholder kind of feels like "just reserving the name"
-Changed category to New Lands instead of Quests and Adventures
-Began work on a new awesome wasteland quest, I'm done with alot of the dialogue + locations, what you have to do is:
You find a small tribe (5 residents, it does have a hidden treasure and a store) in a small valley in the Icelandic Wasteland, the tribal chief there will ask you to help restore the land, you think of a GECK and return to the scientist in New Reykjavik, she'll tell you she was working on a small-scale fast working GECK that only takes about a week to work but only covers a small area, she fell short of some parts and will ask you to go find them for her, once you do she'll construct it for you, you go to the tribe's village and tell the tribe to evacuate while you set up the GECK, once you set it up you'll have one minute (more than enough) to get out of there, if you wait a week the village will actually transform from crappy wasteland -> Beautiful Oasis and the tribe will construct statues of you for your work, screenshots soon =).

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