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Work on this game project continues slowly, but steadily. It's time for a progress report.

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I have finished redrawing level block textures. Many game objects still need their textures updated, but now all three level block themes are complete. The picture below shows how the lab theme has changed.

New lab block theme texture

After that I have been mostly optimizing UI component rendering and writing code for floating animated text labels. As I mentioned in the last progress report, the level score calculation has been changed quite a bit. Instead of showing the score only at end of level there are now floating text labels that show score gained from each kill and picked up item.

I really like the floating text labels, so I will likely be using them more in the future. The picture below shows level title displayed as floating text label.

Floating text labels

The name of the game will be changed for the next release. The current pretty unimaginative name is basically a working title that got stuck. The name has found its way to so many places that it will probably take a long time before it gets updated everywhere. I'm a little worried about how much trouble the name change will cause.

The next immediate task on my list is implementing "kill streak" and "multiple kill" detection and giving extra score for those. I haven't even started the work on the player character shadows yet, so there is a lot to do before the next alpha release.

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