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A summary of recent work activity related to the mod in development.

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Development of the adult male AI packages is well underway. The first set is complete for the Public v0.1 beta demo.

The set includes:
*note* Combat interruption applies to these packages

Foraging (Dawn/Dusk)

These 2 packages make the adult male hogs go out and graze 16384 units (roughly 234 metric meters) from their respective nesting area.

Nesting (Daytime)

This package will make adult males seek out "foliage" objects to sleep in/around/under (trees).

Raid (Nightime)
This package will make adult males seek out one of the following objects relevant to NPC developed areas within a 16384 radius perimeter from adult male position during Raid package initiation with the intent of showing the adult males actively trying to exploit settlements etc for food/prey creatures to eat. So basically long story short, pigs using the raid AI package will be drawn to settlements etc at night:P

Relevant Object Reference Keyword List
(for adult male raid AI package):


To be added to the list:
-edible plants (wild or farmed)
-children or dogs

The sequence for the package is the engine will go down the reference keyword list and once it lands on one that is in pigs radius, it marks that travel procedure, the pig goes to radius of object, and starts sequence procedure idle meaning he'll do idle stuff once he gets there or most likely attack villagers/animals. I need to tweak theadult males a bit still to make them a tad more timid, they will stand there and give you some warning grunts but once you are in combat with them, they rarely run off... or have a chance to >:D

One thing I am wondering about is how to make the object reference keyword list order I am using for the travel sequences randomized so that if an adult male keeps spawning in the same general area, the object reference keyword they choose to move to isn't always the first one in the list the engine encounters. IE if a grain mill is near the adult male and the grain mill sequence is at the top of list, and each night the pig goes out on his raid the chosen travel sequnce he will always take will be the the one which contains the first keyword which is relevant to him which will always be "GrainMill".

Stay tuned...

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Sounds great so far!

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