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Current status of the mod and features to expect with our first release!

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Welcome to our first progress report for Star Wars: Galactic Legacy. This may be a lengthy read, but I hope you enjoy it.


Since our decision to leave the Knights of the Force team, our team's morale and passion has been at an all time high. I am humbled that they decided to put me in charge of this project, and I will do whatever I can to keep this project moving forward, even as my own personal life takes me away from developing this mod as much as I'd like to.

Despite this, the leadership is not a dictatorship, our @Administrative Developer and @Vice-Leader take the reins whenever I'm not available, and with our newfound collaboration, progress is moving along very well.


We are currently in the process of bringing our engine to a newer build of OpenJK, and with this we are hopeful that it will fix a number of issues currently present, such as save games.

NPC Customization

As teased in a past video for Knights of the Force, the NPC system that was introduced with KotF back in July 2018 will be overhauled to allow for greater depth of play. You will be able to spawn any NPC that you want with any skin that you'd like, this also includes skin customizations.

This system will ultimately allow us to remove hundreds of NPCs from the mod, which will in turn allow us to add more characters when we are able to, without the loss of any NPCs for you to play with.


Qui-Gon's ending is currently in progress, which his story will propel you further in time to the night of Operation: Knightfall, where you will be tasked with stopping the destruction of the Jedi Order by the hands of Count Dooku. In order to allow for a better flowing story, Dooku will be voiced by Team Member Awec, who does a very good Christopher Lee impression.

We're looking forward to bringing our first official release to you. Thank you all for your support.

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