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The player placeholder and a proper time has been fixed. But i have a question for you about the block size, should they be smaller?

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A animated player placeholder has been created. This means you are no longer a floating tick tack. This will be used until i either make my own model, or get it of someone.

A proper time system is in development and is almost done. It will control the colour of the sun precisely and also display the time in DD:HH:MM and possibly :SS format (unlikely because it acts like milliseconds ingame time).

While making the character placeholder I encountered a problem, size. Now that there is a proper human like model, it is obvious how big the blocks are. I would like to make the blocks smaller, much like most platform creative games (KAG, Terraria etc.), but that will come at a cost to the physics, it will be much easier to knock the blocks down, even in a tower, it will be really easy and unstable. I have 4 solutions.

  1. Make the blocks be able to anchor to the ground. I don't like this idea due to the fact you will be able to make impossibly strong bases, and i will have the same issues as the current fix tool has, removing the joints.
  2. Make the blocks heavy. This feature was going to be included anyway because of different materials. I cannot see any immediate downside to this solution, except it won't necessarily fix the stability issues.
  3. Make them sleep and combine 2. This will fix the issue, until something collides with them and wakes them up. (When they sleep they don't move).
  4. Don't change the size. I hate this idea because it makes the world to much like minecraft.

Im asking for your advice, i personally think 3 is the best option, but what do you think?

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