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The new update will bring few new features. When it is released, that is. Progress was quite slow lately.

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For those who are still interested in this mod, I can assure you that it is not dead. The progress on the mod is quite slow though, mostly because I don't have much free time (studies and everything).

As you've probably noticed, the mod isn't uploaded yet. The reason is that it currently has way too many loose ends and partially done features, and I don't really want to submit an unfinished mod. I'll try to hurry, although I still can't say much about the release date of the new version.

Speaking of which, the new version will include few new features:

Aerial debris (mostly done)
As seen in screenshots, this feature makes airplanes spawn several burning chunks of debris when they explode in mid-air.

Structural integrity failure explosions (mostly done as well)
This function spawns small explosion effect on a unit that had taken critical damage or is near death. Makes unit destruction feel more realistic, as units begin to fall apart after sustaining too much damage. Or, well, at least that was the idea. Works quite well, even though it makes the smallest units look like they've been covered in firecrackers. Also, it uses unit's death sound, which works pretty well in much cases, although looks (or, rather, sounds) quite weird when this happens to an ACU.

Environmental effects (early stages)
The original game was a bit too clean for my liking, and this feature was created to fix that. It controls how weapon fire interacts with terrain, meaning artillery impact will cause dust clouds, etc. It's still quite early in development as there are more terrain types than I initially thought.

Since the mod uses some of the usual files used in other modifications, some merging is required to make it work with others. If anyone has any requests, let me know.

And for that guy who uploads my mod to other sites: I have nothing against that, I enjoy it appearing in other places as well, but seriously, at least PM or email me about it.


Honestly it's those tactical missile smoke trails that have me excited for what's coming.

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What's the approximate completion date?

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Luxor144 Author

Well, not sure for now, as I have a lot of work to do. I will try to hurry, though, so it shouldn't take too long.

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