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Key list of milestones to reach. Once those are done a "lite version" including the South Africa DLC will be uploaded.

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Version 2.02 (beta)

  1. Import AI changes. (done)
  2. Import Unit deck specialization rework. (done)
  3. Import general mechanic changes.
    1. Unit categroy and specialization deck change. (Done)
    2. Combat mechanics like plane max dive angle, helicopter height, flame effect... (Done)
    3. Historical renaming project.(Done)
    4. plane bomb blast fixes. (Done)
    5. sniper mechanics.(Done)
    6. artillery range and supply cost.
  4. Restore Creative mode. (Dpme)
  5. Give select few key balance changes regarding Red Dragon and Blue Dragon. (Done)
  6. Give a few important changes to other nations. (Done)
  7. Most of naval stuff. (Done)

Current porting status:

Version 2.03 (beta)

  1. Take in the winner/winners of "pick your favorite upcoming new unit"; gotta give players incentives to play and test the incomplete port!(Done)
  2. Rebalance obvious SA related stuff. (Done)
  3. Pick a few key new units that is popular to be ported.(Done)
  4. Import more unit stats changes than 2.01.(Done)

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