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Today i talk about the mod and what has happened to project down since the last updated.

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Well as you can see we have a new concept art picture e.g. Marcus Coons :)

Maps: Well i have just released picture pack B of map 3 ( i release them as i finish things ) and i have to say i am pretty glad with that ally. Whats next in that map is as you get out of the ally with Jason, you will now be in a Pretty big main street. On both ends of the street are combine blockades. There is also.. something loud stomping about. The second map has also been re-furbished a bit so it looks.. not so nice.. but in a good way :)

Voices: We have re-done some of the lines that E-man says, instead of e-man having a Speech Impediment like G-man, E-man talks..rather fluently. I have to say i am happy with how E-man sounds now.

Mod news: I made the shotgun's alternative fire shoot 14 pellets Instead of 12 because the primary fire shoots 7 and 7+7 does not = 12 but ='s 14. Also you can now no longer reload a gun when you put it away.

Well anyway guys, i am going to keep posting new screen shots of map 3 as i finish it, hopefully pack C, the Street. Will be released in the upcoming days, also expect more of a wait on this one, i have some real life thing's to do, but anyway, talk to you later! HoliestCow - Mod developer/Coder/Mapper

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