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Today is the news update of project down for 8/21/09.

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Alright guys we have gotten a new member on the team. SoulFork is our new concept artist, and he made this awesome logo.

Map News: Well i have been working on the third map at a steady rate and got a Really Really cool intro scene to where the mod starts to pick up in the action genre ( the start of the third map there is a fight)

Voices: Tim is now no longer a voice actor but more of the public relations and idea thinker.. i guess.
Our voice actor to replace Tim to play as Jason is Big Edd.

Skin/Models: I have been working on the skin that we have for g-man and i'm trying to alter his face so he dos'nt look just like g-man in a new suit but a completely new man..Like e-man(The employer(man))

Media: Well hopefully soon we will have a video of the big combat scene from the third map from tim in a bit but for now.. you have to wait!


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