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A lot of stuff happened in the past day. So im gonna tell you what happened.

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Alright guys so this is what has happened.

Map: A lot of work has gotten done on the new map, i mean a lot. About the same ammount of gameplay from the first map is now in this map. The map's Screen shot Pack A was released today and pack b will be released Monday.

Mod: The mod now has a new pistol coded in the game, The only thing remaining for it is a model/name. The pistol does more damage then the regular and less then the magnum. The pistol will have 8 bullet clips and have a max 82 bullets. The pistol will fire automatically but 0.1 seconds slower then the max speed of the regular pistol. The pistol will not be for npcs, but we MAY make a AR3 for the combine super soldiers to use, just to add some difficulty, plans for it are probably just the AR2 but maybe make it have a larger clip and more damage. We may add a special function for the secondary, but the AR3 Idea is not final, the pistol is. If you have any model/name ideas for the pistol tell us.

Scenes: We have Legend making us custom scenes for encounters with Jason and E-man, i have to say they look good.

Alright guys, come back Monday to see Pack B's Screen shots of the map. -HoliestCow


Are the scenes going to be custom animations or just faceposer.

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