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Alright guys its been awhile but here news post 8.

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Alright so a lot of you probably are wondering where are the updates and live streams, Well i can answer that. I started school a week ago and now this week some more things happened but it ended up that im now home schooled which is good, i can devote more time to the mod and need to spend less money for school.. and time :D.

Map News: The Introduction map is now 100% finished with the custom scene and the map transition is flawless. Work on the 2nd and 3rd map have begun and so far the third by far looks very interesting and the second one looks like a fun combat map.. with a strider or two. 4 Screen shots of the new map have just been posted.

Mod News: A new pistol is going to be made a medium damage one to be between the pistol and magnum.

Well that's all guys, sorry for the wait. - Holiest Cow

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