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Alright guys today we talk about the New introduction map

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So anyway thanks to Tim for recording a great video of the completed NEW Intro map. This introduction map contains parts of the alleyway you may have seen before(rebels_01) Everything on that map is completely finished and the only thing i need to add is a custom face poser scene for Jason talking when he answers the door for you before the combine blow in. Right now i'm just waiting for that scene.

Map News: Alright well, not untill this weekend will i doing any substantial work on the 2nd map because im in school.. and it sucks. But for things for you to look forward to. This weekend i will be broadcasting me work on the 2nd map and people will feal free to watch me do so at But people this WONT be untill SATURDAY. For more up to date times of when this will happen drop by at

Mod Progression: Well we have hit rank 18 out of 10,199 on tuesday 12:13 pm 9/8/09
and we have had over 4,500 vists in just about a month's time. This is good news.

Feal free to drop by and post at the Facepunch Fourm's Thread for the mod at

Anyway, see you guys saturday!! - HoliestCow

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