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Alright guys, this is progress report number 10. A lot to talk about.

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Alright so i bet a lot of you are wondering, Wheres my promised Monday update?! Well i can explain that, over the week i got very sick and had bronchitis and a sinus infection and i couldn't be bothered to do anything serious but as i am feeling better today i may get some work done on the map.

Map News: Alright so map number 2, the street map has a DEV map finished for it ( not a lot of detail, just npcs SOME props and basic lighting and the triggers. ) I will texture and light it fully later on but since it has its concept done, ill leave it like that. I am working on now map 3 and 4. Map 4 is kind of map 3B since itll be a big 2 part combine unground research facility.. oh wait did i just say that :O

Mod News: Clip Reloading is done, 3rd pistol is done but at the moment for a WIP it uses the same pistol model and is called Pistol. Still need a model and a name for it. We have been talking about making a custom item like a health Injector that can be found in secret places that will give you an extra 3 health points max.

Audio News: We are thinking of getting some custom music in the mod and of course our voice acting is in it for characters, Jason and E-man. We may Need a voice actor for a un-announced character.

Anyway thats all for now, hopefully if i feel better i can get work on the mod done but for now just have a look at the new picture released. - HoliestCow

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