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The prototyping of cyph will be done in blender and the files associated with that will be free to download or edit

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As I have posted previously, I am a linux user and thus cyph development must continue within the linux environment.

The Blender engine is incredibly powerful and fast, I am not sure of its potential limitations, but it has proven to be a really excellent tool for rapid game development. Therefore the Prototype of Cyph is being developed in Blender and will be released open-source, I hope that by releasing this content other people will become excited about helping and this will clearly demonstrate the environment of the game and what it is about.

HeadClot - - 461 comments

Leadwerks is coming to Linux if you did not hear. :) I would advise not to develop the game with Blender Game engine. Here is why - Python. Python is good for turn based games and MUDs (Multi-User Dungeons) However Not so much for first person games. Due to speed of the language.

Just out of curiosity what Distro of Linux do you use? I use Ubuntu and am planning on switching over to SteamOS / Debian (Wheezy) I also use Windows Seven on my windows box.

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Dekaku - - 113 comments

You might want to reconsider your statement about Python. There seems to be quite some games out there which seem to use python (ranging from Battlefield 2 to EVE Online), and it also seems that it depends on the implementation you use. If you use an implementation that is interpreted it will be slower (makes sense to me), whereas you can also create native code, that will run faster.
Personally I haven't messed with any of those two game engines (leadwerk or blender) so I can't say I would suggest to prioritize one over the other.

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HeadClot - - 461 comments

Hey Dekaku,

I never knew that BF2 used python. EvE Online I knew about mainly for its back-end.

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