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Since the next update is going to be a big one we are going to inform you about the development progress so far to keep you up to date.

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Progress on Alpha 0.1

Since the next update is going to be a big one we are going to inform you about the development progress so far to keep you up to date.

Separation of Map-Rendering and Map-Logic [100%]

The visual representation of a map is not fixed anymore. We implemented a module-based system were you can simply change the way how the map is beeing rendered. Currently there are two different map renderers:

- The old renderer (using display lists)
- The new renderer (using VBOs)

The new renderer takes a little bit more time to redraw the whole map but is much faster when it comes down to making small changes to the geometry like destroying a block.

The image below shows the worst case map in terms of rendering (most visible planes). The rendering time when destroying a block changed from ~8ms => ~45µs. Thats a dramatically huge improvement (about 177 times faster). So if your graphics card supports vertex buffer objects you should notice a huge performance improvement when a lot of blocks are being destroyed simultaneously.

screen 2015 08 28 11 27 21

New GUI [50%]

Since the navigation through the menus was very complicated we decided to completly renew the whole interface structure. There is now a navigation bar on top of the screen so you can always jump from one menu to any other menu. We still need to redesign all sub-menus so that they fit into the new design.

screen 2015 08 28 11 19 08

The description of all abilities is now automatically generated instead of handwritten like before. Therefore you have to expect a lot of minor changes in most of the descriptions.

Shop [80%]

Don't want to wait for your favourite skill to show up by chance?
Why not consider buying it in the shop then?

The shop is almost completed. The only thing left is an online connection to the master server so we can make daily price changes. All shop items can be bought with destruction points which you earn by playing and winning online games. Not all skills can be found in the shop, some of them still require to be unlocked by playing.

The shop is going to have three major categories (maybe more later on):

- Skills
- Hats / Skins
- Editor Tools

Below you can see a work in progress screenshot of the shop gui.

screen 2015 08 28 11 19 24

Online Accounts [50%]

The structure of the database is already planned, designed and implemented. All TactiX accounts can be used for all of our future games as well. You will have the option to change your display name and your password seperatly for each game if you like.

We are currently working on the account-creation and -login system.

Model System [5%]

The game can already load and display .obj files. We still need to reforge the whole entitiy rendering system so that each model can be easily exchanged.

We plan on releasing the update during the end of next week. Don't forget to watch us on IndieDB to stay in touch.

As always thanks for your support and your engagement. Don't forget to tell your friends about TactiX and to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for recent news. We'd be glad to hear from you.

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