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TL;DR 1.8.0 will feature a new country: Louisiana! Some new and cool events to make the Latin American and Caribbean region more interesting.

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Hey guys!

Today has been a frustrating day for modding, but all the problems have been fixed and I am excited to announce a bunch of new things that will be in 1.8.0!

First off, Louisiana will be added to the game as an independent country at game start, and they will have their own culture too. The Louisianais, as they are called, are francophones descended from the French colonists of New France, and have yet to fall under the control of the Americans. They will be allied with New England, which will offer more of a challenge to American expansion.

Speaking of the Americans, I have renamed the U.S.A. to the American Union, as has been suggested by some of you. I took this a bit further, renaming the C.S.A. to the American Confederacy and Canada to the Ottawa Confederation, since without Quebec (they were the original "canadiens") I don't think they would have been called Canada.

Some more exciting features, if Yucatan (now Mayan culture) becomes an independent nation it will inspire Oaxaca (renamed to Mesoamerican Confederacy) and Chiapas (now Mayan culture) to rebel from Mexico. It is now in the interest of the Mexican player to conquer Yucatan as soon as possible to prevent a mass revolt of the large native population. I plan on expanding on this idea further, with the collapse of Haiti and the FRCA inspiring nationalist movements in Gran Colombia and the Caribbean colonies. This will make the decisions of these countries have quite an influence on the region around them, which I hope will make it more interesting and fun.

Thats all for now!

Please tell me what you guys think about this new flag for Louisiana when they are a republic. I wanted to change it from their real-life one because unlike the real-life one this Louisiana has no cultural relationship with the United States or the English language.

Tell me what you guys think!

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