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In the last two weeks I've been working on completely automating the process for the google translate mod. There are still some missing pieces, but the next demo release will be quite soon!

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In the last few weeks I've been working on automating as much as possible of the process of translating strings mulitple times and then inserting them into the .lang and bin files. Some of the tools i've written in the process can be found on Github. However i couldn't completely automate it and still had to do some manual fixes. One problem were the strings including placeholders such as #ORE or #SYSTEM_NAME, which i told the automatic translate script i wrote to skip. I then had to translate those thrings seperately and fix any changes made to the placeholders.

(Almost) Every single piece of text translated!

As of now, the .bin files are all done, as well as the 3361 strings in the .lang file. That means that all of the text should be translated. Well, almost all of it. For some reason some strings got stuck in the Hebrew language and can't be displayed, so i still have to fix those. A few strings got skipped for some reason, so i'll have to redo those as well. But as soon as that is finished (which should be friday) the next release will be available on here.

About TTS

Since this mod has taken up a lot of my time, i'm thinking about dropping the text-to-speech part of the. Although the dialogue only takes up a part of the lang files, i still fear it'll be too much and that i'll get exhausted. The last thing i want is to lose the fun i'm having in making this mod.




Trimatix - - 5 comments

Huge progress!! great work :)
I wonder if generating the TTS could be automated too? I suppose the trouble is we need to identify who is saying each line 🤔

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Kroete Author
Kroete - - 4 comments

I'm thinking about trying that next. I'm thinking about using pyttsx3 and then noting down the "spoken text" and then the actually displayed text of every piece of dialogue. There'll be some exceptions of course, like the space lounge voice lines which are not the same as the written text accompanying them. If you have any other ideas or tips about automating that feel free to share them :)

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