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Here's a quick demo video while I continue the thankless, endless task of debugging before launching the multiplayer network.

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This is a quick video of three cards. We currently have 36 ready for the alpha, but there's still a large number of small bugs I need to work through.

The first card is Naval Ballista, a water structure that deals heavy damage to enemy units:

watercard navalballista

The second card is Orc Archer, an earth creature with excellent range and mobility:

earthcard orcarcher 1

The third card is Goblin Bloodletter, a fire creature with lifesteal and nasty damage:

firecard goblinbloodletter

Stayed tuned for more updates and remember to watch/follow us as we continue to gear up for our kickstarter campaign!

(this is all being done on a minuscule budget, so try to imagine what this would look like if we had funding)

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