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Here's a little video of showing the progress I made so far for exchanging sounds, weapons and troops.

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Hey folks,

it's been a while. And in this while I made a lot of new stuff. I will keep it short, so you can enjoy the demonstration video.

A bunch of new sounds for Weapons and Grenades were added. Also a new Trooper (Medic) to split the Engineer class into Engineer and Medic. I also changed a hell lot of secondary weapons. But I don't wanna tell more:

I hope you like it so far. (Even though the SWBFII in the vid is in german :/ )
Further suggestions would be much apprechiated.

- Benoz


Good job, keep up the good work!

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Just an idea: maybe more light from the laser blasts? I (personally) like it when my screen is full of light from all those blaster bolts :D
Kinda gives it a cool chaotic feeling...

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Benoz Author

I'll keep that in mind

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hey mby if ya can you can add coloured smoke efects wen a rifle shot hits things

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cant wait for this to come out it looks ******* cool
it looks kinda finished alrdy (well the rep side at least )

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