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We've got some news rolling for you guys : Versions, Plans, WIP, etc

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We've got some news rolling for you guys.
First of all, we're a bit sad to tell you that our recruitment drive in last December didn't bring any result, in fact we didn't find any skilled person despite having advertised on almost every modding community out there. Yet, here we are, still as determinate as ever, the only downside is that we won't be able to speed up our progress as a result to the lack of staff.
In spite of that, the final version of the Tau'ri vs Goa'uld beta is still scheduled for later this year, with a third beta which is planned for June/July 2011 and which might just be accompanied by a certain event...

Besides, even before the release of the final V1, the V2 of this mod has already entered the development stage. As a reminder, the V2 aims to add the Asgard and the Replicators to the existing sides. We'll release more infos on that with the release of the final V1.Concerning the V3 which will include Oris, Ancients and Wraiths, it won't come until further.

But that's enought talk about our future projects, let's focus on the WIP part.

First of all, the A.I is undergoing a complete overhaul in order to represent a much greater challenge in single-player mode. Here are some examples of the changes it has seen:
- It is now able to capture neutral buildings.
- It has a better control of the battlefield, by effectively managing it's units and it's building process.
- It now will evaluate the enemy threats as well as the available resources which makes it more versatile and reactive than the Vanilla AI.
- More attacking schemes.

Still in the field of single-player experience, the campaign menu will finally give you access to a mission. In order not to spoil all the details about it, let's just say that it'll be a scripted mission based on the SG-1 spirit and that it'll hold the role of a fairly comprehensive tutorial.

There are also several changes to be expected on the Graphical level :
- Some UI elements will be reworked (cameos, command bar, fonts...)
- New 3D models and textures will appear, such as the Goa'uld Mining Camp, the Tau'ri Airfield, the Lucian Black Market, and much more...
- We're also working on the FX and particles issue.

Finally, it goes without saying that a great number of glitches and bugs will be addressed in this version, thanks to the feedback we've received from our users concerning the second beta.

In the meantime, you can continue to give us your opinions and thoughts on our forums (, that'll help us improve the mod even further.


Will there be an english language version in Beta 3?

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Syrius_Märx Author

For sure !
Look at this article :
We will keep
All the new versions will be translated ;)

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Continuez comme ça ! Vous faites du bon boulot :)

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ok the mod should be out around now is there any chance of a update or its progress ?? :)

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well about my last the asgard and replicator bit should be out by now :L

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